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Who are we?

Concepción Candelaria Farm it is located at La Reforma, San Marcos in Guatemala. This farm was bought in 1977 but it was already a coffee farm.

Since the 70’s there has been more positive changes in the techniques used for cultivating coffee. Since the beginning there has been a seed breeding station when a seed is placed in the germinator.

We also have a nursery or seedbed where the baby plants are planted in individual bags called “almacigos” where they are in special care until planted in the fields. We also have our own wet mill and the water used in here is all from the crystalline water cascades in the farm.

We can count with the excellent work of professionals like an agriculture engineer that is expert in the best process of cultivating coffee; there are also mechanical engineers, and other experts in this field.

The priority of this farm is to have an excellent process so we can have exceptional coffee. Here in Concepción Candelaria Farm we are very respectful for the environment. That is why we have made an agreement with a government entity to grow more trees in the farm. We also protect the watersheds and cascades that we are blessed to have.

Here in Guatemala has traditionally grown coffee under shade of other trees. This man made forest pumps 5 million tons of pure oxygen into the atmosphere daily. And also this coffee forest is extremely important for migrating birds. 

Farms Information

Name: Concepción Candelaria

Location: Municipio de la Reforma, departamento de
San Marcos Guatemala

Access: Carretera Interamericana Coatepeque a Finca
15 km. Terraceria

Size: 760.52 hectares.

Area of coffee: 552.91 hectares

Varieties: Catuai, Caturra y Catimor (own specie from the farm)

Area of forest: 44.74 hectares

Soil: volcanic Pacific Ocean

Highest point: 4,000 feet

Humidity: 70-80%

Average anual rainfall: 4000 A 4500 mm

Temperature: from 68°F through 78°F

Coffee type: Strictly Soft Bean (Extra prime Washed) and Semi Hard Bean

Cultivating Procedure

The first step of the process is the seed breeding station that is where the life of a new plant begins.

The seed are planted in individual bags called the almacigos and are placed under natural shade. In this stage they are carefully inspected for a year until they are taken to the fields.

The coffee flowering takes place during January through March. Flowering lasts for two or three days. The coffee beans will come out six months later from the flowers.


In this stage we handpick the berries. We pick the red and big berries. This stage it is taken from September through December.

Cherry Weighing

In this stage we weight the handpicked cherries, they are send to the wet mill in sacks.

Wet Mill

In this stage is where the pulp of the cherries is removed. We have our own wet mill.

Dry Process

In this stage the coffee is spread out on large patios. We have seven large patios. We also dry our coffee in Guardiola dryers fueled by old branches from the coffee shades.

Coffee Roasting

In this stage we roast the coffee in small quantities to obtain the optimum time for roast the coffee at its peak of perfection.


In this stage the coffee is grind in different types of grind. We can grind the coffee similar to granulated sugar or finer so you can do an espresso or French press your coffee. All the shade is from Inga trees species


  • All the shade is from Inga trees species.
  • The harvesting months are: from September through December
  • The farm has a seed bank of a variety of coffee plants.
  • The farm has a “almacigos” where we graft the plants to produce a better quality of coffee plants.
  • The flowering it is due to a variety of climate conditions in the months from January through May.
  • The berries comes six months later from the flowering.
  • The coffee it is washed and the beans run through a water canal where they naturally separate according to their density and size, this is a perfect way to set apart the good beans from the defective.
  • The sun drying takes place in patios, this is a manual operation that infuses great properties later reflect in the cup. This drying system is one of the oldest coffee traditions in Guatemala.
  • The farm has a Catholic Church, a Soccer Field, and where to play Basketball.
  • In the farm there is also a laboratory where to fight biological the coffee berry borer. This coffee berry borer is a parasite which eats the berries. To eliminate this parasite exists a small bee which actually eats the borer. In this laboratory we cultivate this bees so they later can be spread in the coffee fields to do their job. This procedure is friendly with the environment..

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